The Big Yellow Bus Project

Not all is calm, not all is bright. Yet, there is hope.

It’s been a difficult year, seldom calm and seldom bright.

The global pandemic has disrupted all our lives to varying degrees.

For so many, the hardship, uncertainty and despair has compounded into life’s biggest challenge as we all struggle to adapt to the rapidly changing world around us.

Yet, there’s always hope. That’s certainly the belief of one small charity despite being forced to close its doors to the homeless in March prior to the first UK lockdown when it couldn’t meet the government’s COVID guidelines.

After months of hard work behind the scenes, The Big Yellow Bus Project is almost ready to resume its service providing shelter and support for rough sleepers in Cirencester and the surrounding area.

Light and hope

The registered charity has transformed an empty office building in the town into a warm and safe haven for the homeless. Staff and volunteers have been working round the clock to make it possible.

So, there is some light and hope for the rough sleepers who would otherwise face the stark prospect of further nights on the streets often in freezing temperatures.

If just one person slips through the net and is sleeping rough on our streets, that’s one too many.

Sadly, the reality is there’s more than one for whom, without organisations like The Big Yellow Bus Project, there are no other options.

Despite the escalating difficulties caused by coronavirus, the local community has rallied to support the charity and help some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Generosity and goodwill

Thank you to every individual, organisation, company and volunteer from the local community who has made this possible. Without your help, it doesn’t happen.

Through your donations, materials, equipment, food and countless hours working, there is a choice for Cirencester’s rough sleepers this winter.

At a time when we’re all struggling, your generosity and goodwill has provided a safe and warm bed for the homeless and the gift of hope.

For more information: The Big Yellow Bus Project